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Many times it become a bit awe-inspiring when it comes down to choosing the right flooring during a home or an office designing project. As individuals, the choices seem confusing and for most of the time we believe that, all the tiles look the alike. But that’s not completely true. All tiles are not created equally; but, many colors, finishes and patterns may appear similar. In olden days, one would easily analyze any home and make out how old the building was from the tiles used to build it. Tiles are obtained by combining raw materials (clay, sand, etc.), which are widely found in nature and functioning this mixture in its unfired condition into the desired shape concludes into the semi-finalized product which is then fired at high temperature, depending on its composition and type - glazed or unglazed, matte or glossy. Most wholesale market of tiles in Delhi offer these three kinds of tiles available– ceramic, porcelain and vitrified. Ceramic tiles are available in many designs and in different finishes like matte, glazed and glossy. In terms of price, they are cheaper than vitrified tiles, and are mostly used where there is less traffic.

All ceramic tiles are vitrified to a certain extent. Whereas; Porcelain tiles are a selection of ceramic tiles which are also vitrified and stronger than ceramic tiles. Lastly, the vitrified tiles are ceramic and porcelain tiles that have been subjected to a diverse burning process due to which they have a glass protective layer and are stronger and durable. These are the tiles generally used in public spaces. The next important query is whether we require tiles for indoor or outdoor purposes. It is a well known detail that Ceramic tiles should not be used in any outdoor settings subject to frost, as it is a high probability that the tile will crack and break. On the other hand, a porcelain tile which tends to have a lower porosity is suitable for most of the outdoor areas. It should be noted that if using porcelain tiles outdoors, the tile should not be polished to ensure slip resistance when wet. Tiles of the following nature-Terracotta, slate and other natural stone are also good to use in outdoor areas but one must remember that this would require a lot of maintenance and should always be installed by a professional.

Our range of flooring tiles is carefully chosen for bathrooms, drawing rooms, kitchens, balconies, and bedrooms. These flooring tiles are offered by us in various materials for the distinct needs that you might have. Again, customer satisfaction is our definitive aim and so we are highly on motivated for making the whole process of choosing the best flooring tiles, hassle free and rewarding. Being the most renowned wholesale supplier of floor tiles we have access to many brands available with us which are carefully chosen and are of a supreme quality so that our customers have a variety to choose from. All luxury and budget friendly are available with us. We have been in the market for almost two decades, and this is the reason why we now possess a close experience to understand what actually is covering the market. We take a dedicated awareness in knowing about the latest interior designing trends that decorate your space and understand the ever changing nature of the trends. This is to serve you better and make available an assortment that will never fail or disappoint you. We provide a wholesale market of tiles in Delhi, and are sure that you will find your perfect brand. Being the best wholesale supplier of floor tiles we suggest the following types of tiles for our clients,


Travertine is a kind of limestone that is a result of hot springs from all over the world. While forming, the minerals in travertine are mixed giving each collection unique patterns and nature perfect for an irreplaceable travertine floor for your home.


Ceramic tile is made through the process of heating and cooling natural clay and minerals. To get the desired look ceramic floor tiles come in a huge range of colors, sizes, shapes, textures.


Porcelain is manufactured tile from natural clay. Porcelain tile is created by heating more refined clay to higher temperatures creating a denser floor tile that can be used indoors and outdoors. Available in a variety of textures, colors and sizes making it a perfect choice for any style.


One of fastest growing type in tile comes in both ceramic and porcelain. This creates the warmth and feel of natural wood but is easier to maintain and is more durable than natural wood. Our wood look tile can fit any design style you select.


Marble is a highly hard-wearing stone that exists in almost every color due to the variability of component minerals. Marble tile can have numerous finishes from polished, honed, brushed to tumbled, this classic design is fit for any setting. Marble is a natural stone, and when properly finished can be altered into beautiful flooring. Marble flooring is one of the most luxurious and stylish floorings to install in a home. One has enormous choice when selecting the correct marble be it black, brown, green, red, white and pink, there’s no doubt one can find the right marble for their home. It is widely used for sculpture, as a building material, and also as flooring material. Marble has a fairly lower abrasion resistance compared to artificial floors.


Pebble and Stone Mosaic tile brings the beauty of nature indoors and spreads the natural tones and exclusive shape of each floor tile can provide spirit to a shower room floor. Your one-of-a-kind floor will be the new focal point of the room.


Granite is a result of the cooling and solidification of lava or magma. Granite floor tile is notable by its small flecks at the surface yet varies in its richness of color and visual depth, making each stone a masterpiece of nature. It is called granite because of the granular surface. Granite is regularly used for buildings and monuments. It is a accepted choice for not only flooring but for countertops in kitchen shelves. Like marble, it’s a durable and versatile material that’s wonderfully suited for floor tile. Compared to marble, it is fairly inexpensive.


These are a sustainable option if you use an existing concrete slab, avoiding the consumption of new materials. You can purchase readymade blocks which are ready to be laid in your home or the exteriors.


This type of flooring involves embedding small pieces of colored glass, stone, or ceramic tile in a background material such as plaster. The resulting finish is unique and a variety of designs can be created. Most conventional apartments use grey or white mosaic. These are relatively inexpensive.

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