Where to buy Exterior Wall Tiles in Delhi

Everyone wants their home or their workplace to look appealing and beautiful and the best way to include both colour and texture to the place is exterior wall tiles. We follow latest trends in almost everything fashion, food, accessories, furniture and we therefore want to include the latest decors, while doing a construction of a house or any other place. Exterior wall tiles can add a specific tone to the ambience of a place, they can be used to create a relaxing environment, besides that certain tiles can be used to add a touch of nature; the designs and textures are inspired from plants and green colours helps in finishing touch to create an illusion of nature. Some specific design, textures and colours can help create a suitable working environment; such as a house with toddlers can make use of bright colours like yellow to add cheerfulness in the surroundings. Why one prefers tiles over paint is because it fails to add texture, wherein tiles have multiple texture range to offer. Wooden tiles add warmth in the surroundings therefore it is a good option for those living in cold places. Moreover tiles can also be used to add dimension and create an illusion of a bigger space.

So if you are looking for best exterior wall tiles in Delhi, we, at Antica Ceramica offers you the finest quality and a wide range of tiles. Our designs are inspired by both latest and older styles therefore our tiles reflect a blend of both old and modern styles. We also import materials from various countries to meet the demand for finest quality.

Our Motto

The satisfaction of the client is our first priority. We aim to offer the best styles from all parts of the world. We tend to work with unique styles and patterns that reflect creativity.

Features of Our Tiles

1) Smooth finish

2) Marvelous texture and pattern.

3) Material that we use includes ceramic, rubber, sandstone and limestone and slate.

4) Our tiles are durable and weather proof and will not wear out with time.

We provide a wide Variety of Themes

We have a huge range of themes to offer and are willing to work with custom made designs offered by our customers.

*Our bamboo and wooden finish tiles work best with restaurant and cafeterias; they also go best with Outdoor tea and coffee shops located mostly in the hills.

*For those who love stones and marbles, we have tiles made from rocks which have a realistic texture and pattern. With the use of material like ceramic we manage to achieve a fine and smooth finish.

*We always try to experiment with our textures and patterns and recently we have included Egyptian themes to create ancient styled tiles.

*We add little details such as shapes words with the help of our latest technology; we are popular for our bookstore themed tiles which generally includes words and text like patterns. They are best suited for the places like a bookstore, library or perhaps a personal reading or studying space in our homes.

Garden and Outdoor Areas

The latest trends include decorating lawns, balconies and gardens and we offer a beautiful range of tiles which will help create the perfect outer space in your house. If you make use of exterior wall tiles for decoration then your house is Eveready to host any party or a function. For those who want to define their style with their homes we make an effort to help them by discussing ideas with our clients to create the design of their choice. 

We have a separate range of tiles for the entrance. Entrances are the most important part of the house, as it is the first stop for our guests. Those who want to give their house a look of a bungalow or a mansion we provide imported tiles for them from places like Dubai, Italy and London.

Many people are a fan of castles in London and other parts of UK, for such people we have designed tiles to match the look of a castle walls which give a rustic and original look.

Our exotic themes include tiles with 3D touch of blue sea waves. We have recently launched a Taj mahal themed range of tiles which look similar to the white stones of the monument and we are currently working on other monument themed tiles. These themes work best near the pool areas. 

Our Tiles Reflect Blend of Modern and Ancient Styles

We always try to work with the latest trends and keep a track of what is trending around the world apart from that we try to include unique designs which do not look copied. Ancient architecture is undoubtedly beautiful and marvelous, therefore we always try to inspire our work with the best of ancient and older styles, these mostly include wooden work and rustic stone work and the colours mostly include deep red, grey and brown. We believe that old is gold therefore we always try to include the most popular older styles which include Egyptian, Roman and British styles.

We guarantee that no other exterior wall tiles shop in Delhi works with the same concept as ours and therefore cannot match our quality and style.

Our Prices

We offer reasonable price ranges from low to high and we never compromise with the quality over the cost.

Our Services

One of the reasons why Antica Ceramica claims to be one of the best exterior wall tiles showrooms in Delhi is due to its excellent services. We work to supply our customer with the best of our services.

We also provide free samples and deliver them without any charges. We work with the latest technology and create the finest designs and textures. In case of any inconvenience we always try to handle it gracefully because customer satisfaction is our first priority. Our delivery services are incomparable and the packaging is done with great supervision so that every single piece is perfect.


Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about your project or idea and find out how we can help you.

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