Large Size Tiles in Delhi

Space is a great constraint in Delhi. The houses are shrinking in area but the items in the house are still the same. Thus it gives a cluttered look. The best way to give a bigger look to your house is making use of large size tiles in Delhi and other big cities. Large size tiles across Delhi and other cities can make the bathroom, kitchen or any other room look bigger in size and thus the space looks much larger than actually it is. The reason for this is there are less grout joints and the large size tile gives an illusion of larger space. But what are tiles and what they are actually made up of.

What are Tiles?

A tile is a square, rectangular or irregular piece of hard material possibly of ceramic, stone, metal or even glass which is used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers or other objects such as tabletops. With the change in trends across Delhi there are variety of tiles in terms of material and usability. These could be categorized as follows:

Floor Tiles:

On the basis of material:

  • Travertine Floor Tile

  • Marble Floor Tile

  • Slate Floor Tile

  • Ceramic Floor Tile

  • Porcelain Floor Tile

  • Wood Look Floor Tile

  • Quartzite Floor Tile

  • Granite Floor Tile

  • Stone & Pebbles Floor Tile

  • Onyx Floor Tile

  • Cement Floor Tile

On the basis of room:

  • Backspalsh

  • Fire place

  • Shower


  • Glass

  • Stone

  • Metal Mosaic Tile

  • Porcelain Mosaic Tile

Featured Tile:

  • Subway Tile

  • Backsplash Tile

  • Wood Look Tile

  • Laundry Tile

  • Shower Tile

  • Brick Look Tile

  • Mosaic Tile

  • Large Tile

Latest Looks:

  • Outdoor Pavers

  • New Arrivals

  • Our Favorites

  • The Look for Less

  • Ted Baker Exclusives

Size of Tiles

After reviewing the material it is also important to review the size of tiles. Buyers could purchase a whole lot of ceramic tiles available in various sizes, as per the individual’s needs. These tiles are segregated at the time of packaging by the manufacturers who produce this ceramic tile in mass. This ensures uniformity in the product and gives it an appealing and refined look after the installation. In case of several handmade ceramic tiles like Saltillo tile for instance there is probability of minor differences in size of each tile, which could possibly add a lot of dimensions to the user’s layout, as per their liking. In several cases, the differences in size could possibly be covered with help of grout lines.

As per the need of individual there are several sizes of tiles available in the market:

  • Square tiles

  • Large size square tiles

  • Mid-sized square terracotta tiles

  • Rectangular and Subway Tile

  • Large rectangular porcelain tiles

  • Large rectangular slabs of ceramic tile

  • Plank Tiles

  • Hexagon and Octagon Tiles

  • Mosaic Tiles

  • Non Standard Tiles

But specifically there is trend for using large size tiles in Delhi. Let’s see the benefits attached to using the large size tile across Deli and other cities.

Benefits of Large Size Tiles in Delhi

As per various experts the use of large size tiles in Delhi are increasing these days. Several owners of houses think that the space in their house is too small or that the walls of their home are not so sufficient to accommodate large size tiles specifically in Delhi. Large size tiles across Delhi are most likely to be of over 15" on one side. Large size tiles in small homes of Delhi give a feel of large and expansive room as the grout lines are less. Too many grout lines can give the user an illusion that the space is smaller than it is. Rectangular shaped tiles make the room look elongated, giving it a feel of being more open. Open kitchens or open homes are the best example of the best use of large size tiles which is common in Delhi.

As the time is a constraint in big cities the maintenance of the home becomes a very big concern. The usage of large size tiles in Delhi and other cities where time is a constraint reduces maintenance time as grout lines are less. It becomes much easier to clean when there are less grout lines. The large size tiles across Delhi and other places stay longer as compared to the smaller ones. Any look can be easily obtained in porcelain tiles which are much easy to clean and has the less probability of being scratched or cracked on day to day basis. A seamless look could be created on drawing room walls or any other feature wall. Even the bathroom or shower walls get a nicer look by the use of large size tiles.

While installing the large size tiles in Delhi or other parts of the country it is important to ensure that the person who is installing is well aware of the best ways to install them. Installation of large size tiles in Delhi is a specialized service which is provided by various companies or shopkeepers who keep them. Also specialized services use several systems to ensure that the floor or wall large sized tile installed does not crack over time. There is greater life of large size tiles even across Delhi if installed in proper manner. In several cases these large scale tiles are used for the purpose of waterproofing by using appropriate ways.

Thus it is important that prior to deciding upon the size of tile and making a choice of large size tiles in Delhi make an appropriate research of the benefits of using such tiles. There are many tile shops in Delhi but Antica Ceramica has an exclusive range of large size tiles. You can walk up to to get a glance of their entire range and for taking appropriate decisions in terms of buying large size tile in Delhi for various uses including residential or commercial purposes. Various companies involved in the manufacturing of large size tile in Delhi or people involved in the sale of large size tile in Delhi may answer several questions of the consumers as per their requirements in terms of budget, space and usability.

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