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Nowadays everyone wants their home and work place to look attractive and beautiful and the most convincing to include texture and design to your homes and offices are by adding the element of tile. We follow the latest trends in almost everything from our clothes to our accessories to our furniture to our gadgets, so why not keep our home in harmony with the latest trends. Tiles add an unsaid touch to decor of the house or of the office, with different designs we can create an ambience related to mood of the place. They can help one make a suitable environment either for work purpose or for working purpose. One can create a natural environment, a relaxing environment, or a very professional environment. For example an employer can introduce a shade of light cream or of light blue to create a pleasant sense of the working for the employees. Why more are preferring designer tiles for homes in Delhi over normal floors or over wall paints is because they add texture and appeal to the look of the place tiles also create a sense bigger space.

Antica Ceramica provides a wide range of designer wall and floor tiles for homes in Delhi to cater to all kinds of people. We provide the finest quality of goods wide ranges for the newest design to older styles. We provide the trending designs from Italy, China and Spain and also from the leading manufactures in India at our showroom.


The contentment of our customers is our utmost priority. Bringing to you the best from all parts of the world we aim at providing uniqueness every single time and to every single of our customers trying to reflect creativity in the designs we provide.


We provide a huge range of themes to pick from and to also work with our customers on their own custom made designs.

  • For those who like to keep it natural like wuth stones and marbles, we would like to offer tiles with the design of rocks to give a realistic texture.

  • By the use of material like ceramic we achieve giving smooth and superior finish.By the collaboration of our clients we are able to create new custom made designs exclusively catering to their needs and to create a sense of belongingness.

  • We provide various themes from around the world and our most recent additions would include the Egyptian based theme with some ancient styled tiles.

  • With the help of the latest technology we help people to add texts to the tiles which are a huge success in bookstores and restaurants along with our bamboo and wooden finished tiles.

Bathrooms and Offices

One of the latest that one can witness is decorating one’s bathrooms. Bathrooms has become like a status symbol for everyone. Using designer tiles in your bathroom makes it ever ready for guests, parties or get-togethers. For those who want to define their style with their homes we make an effort to help them by discussing ideas with our customers to create designs of their choice.

If bathrooms are a place to relax oneself offices have the aura of professionalism and we provide various options for our clients to pick from in any segment of the house or office.

We have recently launched a range of tiles based on the theme of Taj Mahal which hold a similarity to the white stones of the famous monument. We are currently working on other famous monument themed tiles.

Mixture of Modern and Ancient style

Uniqueness is what we always look forward to. We try to keep track with all latest trend going around in the market yet stand out of the crowd. Classic wooden and rustic stone is what attract many with deep colours like deep red, grey and brown. We try to take our inspiration of such designs from the ancient architecture which is without any doubt marvellous and beautiful that is why we try to inspire our work with the best of ancient and older styles. The old British, Roman, and Egyptian style is few our most popular designs as we strongly believe that old is gold.

We would like to guarantee that no other shop would such a variety of designer tiles for homes in delhi.

Features of Our Tiles

  1. You will find smoothness in our finishing.

  2. There is a variety of outstanding textures and patterns.

  3. Materials used are- rubber, ceramic, sandstone, lime stone and slate.

  4. Our tiles stand on the tests of time with long durability and are also waterproof.

Our Prices

The price range of our product is just not limited to one specific class but it includes to everyone who walks in our store. But a flexible price has nothing to do with the flexibility in the quality of the product. We offer best and genuine product to everyone.

Our Services

One of the many reasons that Antica Ceramica can claim to be one of the best wall tiles in Delhi is due to its over the top services.

We can also provide free samples and deliver the without any chargers. We work with the latest technology and create the finest designs and textures. In case of any convenience we always try to handle it gracefully because customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Our delivery services are incomparable and the packaging is done with great supervision so the every single piece is perfect.


Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about your project or idea and find out how we can help you.

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