How to choose Tiles for your Bathroom

A house is not complete if all of its elements are not properly furnished and decorated. Every room in the house holds its own importance then be it bedroom, drawing room, kitchen or the bathroom. Whenever we host guests we make sure that every part of the house is clean and prim & proper. We keep our bathroom neat and clean to give a sense of hygiene and cleanliness because it is the place where we clean ourselves and therefore it should itself be clean. Besides cleanliness what adds to the neatness of a bathroom is its floor and walls. In order to give it a good appeal people make use of various flooring types such as marbles, stones, and tiles. Bright colored tiles not only add light to a closed space but also give a sense of false space. Maximum households do not use large spaces for the construction of bathroom therefore adding tiles is a brilliant idea to give a sense of bigger space. Tiles not only add to the look of a space but they are also water resistant and protect the walls from damage.

Below are some tips that will help you choose the perfect tile for your bathroom

  • Choose your favorite pattern
    Today there are multiple ranges of designs, colors, patterns and textures available for tiles. If you want to include tiles in your bathroom then you should always go for the one that appeals your eyes the most because if you get a design that you do not like much it is likely that you will get bored with it after sometime and it is not easy to change such things frequently. Whenever we start to renovate our bathroom we always have a specific outlook in mind that we have picked from some other place like a hotel or a friend’s house. We always have a specific kind of design that we have always wanted so we should get a tile matching with that idea that way you will not get bored of it. So go for the dream tile that you have always wanted to include.

  • Choose the right texture
    Why is it important to consider the texture while choosing your tiles? It is because different materials used in tiles require different amount of cleaning. For example if a tile has a rough texture then you may need to scrub harder on the surface and this may take up your time and energy so if you lead a busy lifestyle and cannot take out time for leaning frequently then you should go for a smoother texture such as ceramic. Ceramic is comparatively smoother than any other material used in tiles and are therefore easier to clean and also it looks very shiny and bright in any color and pattern. Ceramic tiles being smoother works wonderfully for walls however they may create a problem if used in flooring as it may be slippery and specially in a bathroom with constant water flow. Therefore floors should always have a tile with a rough texture to maintain friction.

  • Use more than a single color or design
    There is no rule for whether one should use a similar tile for a place however in a single bathroom we can use tiles of more than one design or color. Alternate patterns work brilliantly if the color of the two tiles complement each other and adjacent and chessboard like alternate placement works wonderfully for such ideas. If you are a fan of making color combinations then this idea is best suited for you. If you have kids then you should definitely play with color of the tile to give it a fun mood. Latest trends have different tiles for the floor and different ones for the walls this way some people make use of at least four different colors and patterns for a single bathroom and it looks wonderful.

  • Don’t forget to experiment
    We always try to go for what most people prefer and which are the most common trends and therefore there is no scope for experimenting or creativity. But today the trends are changing people are adding a touch of their own style into their houses by creating custom made designs. There are many places which sell tiles made according to the customers design and it is very popular and at the same time very unique. Besides that we see that there is similarity among the tiles designs and they lack variety. But today some places sell tiles which are inspired by designs from different countries. For those who always want to go for something new or latest it is recommended that they either go for trendy designs or imported tiles. However if you are fan of classic and old styles then you can always go for the tile design that is inspired from monuments and fabulous architectural pieces.

  • Quality over quantity
    It is not necessary that the entire bathroom space should be covered with tiles. Some people compromise with the design and quality due to cost issue and therefore they do not receive the desired style. But it is not necessary to fill the walls till ceilings. If the walls are covered till the middle with tiles then it can protect the walls from water and at the same time look good. Besides that you can always choose bigger sized tiles for covering larger spaces with fewer tile pieces. Always go for durable material.

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